Booking your examination

Information that I will need is 


  • The name of your boat
  • The make and/or model of your boat
  • The number of engines, including inboard/outboard generators and outboard engines.
  • Does your boat have cooking and/or heating appliances?
  • If you have got LPG (gas), is it Butane or propane (if you don’t know tell me what colour the cylinders are)



Preparing for the examination


Sometimes I will ask to do a video chat before the examination. This is so that we can have a look at certain things to help you prepare. This is so we can try to achieve a pass first time.


Check that the fire extinguisher’s are in good condition and are approved for use by the BSS. LINK for the logos that we accept.


Make sure that you have a fire blanket. Its really annoying when I deliver the ‘not passed’ outcome to find out its in the cupboard under the knifes.


If the boat has gas I will need to be able to run the appliances. If you don’t think that there isn’t enough gas to last an hour then a new bottle (connected) will need to be arranged. Also, if you have a LPG water heater then the vessel will need water in it tank to run for at least 30 mins.


If the engine hatch can only be lifted by battery power please ensure that the batteries will need to be fully charged.


I will need to get to all areas of the boat so please make sure that any clutter is removed. Also, I will try to leave the boat as I found it but will not remake the bed if I need to look under it (yes I had a complaint once).

Payment is required on the day of the examination and can be made by cash, card or bank transfer.


Information on the BSS Examination for privately-owned, privately-managed boats can be found here